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Samuel Hubbard Canada

Anatomy of a
Great Walking Shoe

Hubbard Insoles

Triple-density Hubbard insoles feature memory foam for forefoot cushioning. Our insoles are built with vegetable-tanned leather top layers that provide a 'silky' feel and wick perspiration away. Insoles are easily removeable if you wish to use your own orthotics.

Custom Soles

Vibram® custom-made Morflex® sole: Hubbards can be easily resoled with brand new original soles whenever needed. Hubbards are 30% lighter weight than many shoes of this type. Vibram Morflex provides terrific shock absorption and will put some spring in your stride.

Fully Lined

Fully glove leather-lined all the way to the toe. Our linings are 'hung' inside the shoe rather than glued, for superior breathability.

Heel Support

Fiber-reinforced heel counter and a cupped heel insole provide lateral heel support.

Leather Uppers

Soft leather uppers in smooth or nubuck finishes.

The Padded Collar

A hidden padded collar means no hard points where the shoe contacts the foot.

Pure Kevlar

The lightweight Kevlar shank allows for sturdy arch support.

Resoling Resolved

Construction designed for ease of resoling with new Vibram® soles.

Rocker Profile

The rocker profile sole design means less work for your feet. By 'rolling' your foot forward, the rocker reduces the foot’s need to flex the shoe as much and makes Hubbards much less tiring to wear.

Strong Stiching

Strong stitch-down construction provides stability and durability.

The Tongue

Leather-lined and softly-padded tongue evenly distributes lace tension across the instep.

Under the rainbow

Walking Comfort in Every Colour

"I wore the shoes all night, to the Battery and back... They are literally the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. The materials are extraordinary, from the sole to the inner leather. As I said, I'm not just saying that. I'm a pretty upfront guy."

William Shutkin

"Your amazingly comfortable, fashionable shoes arrived today! I have them on my feet. They are among the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I don't say that lightly! Wow! Thanks so much. I am a Samuel Hubbard convert, for sure."

William Shutkin

"Just wore the shoes for the first day at work. They are really great. Very supportive and amazingly comfortable. It made walking on the hard hospital floors all day much more tolerable. I am already recommending them to some of my co-workers!"

Scott Shepard

"Received the shoes & love them. Very comfortable. If you need an endorsement, just call. Thanks again."

Stewart Boxer

"I got up this morning and found the box with the shoes on my porch.You certainly have created a product of great quality and great potential...... bravo! I love the shoes. They are so elegantly made for a pair of sporty step ins."

Roberto Zecca

"I actually look forward to wearing my hubby's (my nickname for your shoes) So comfortable! Love to give them as a gift."

Alan Shanken

Rainbow 1

Rich Leather

This is what you foot will call ’Home Sweet Home’. Silky, smooth soft leather lining from heel to toe and with extra padding in all the right places, Samuel Hubbard shoes are kind to your feet.

Rainbow 1

Finest Leather
Covered Insoles

Triple density, removable insoles feature memory and a vegetable tanned leather top. We provide room in our last for any other type of orthotic you might choose to insert. The Hubbard insole has been enthusiastically received and gives the shoes superb comfort from day one.

Rainbow 1

Samuel Hubbard
Soles By Vibram

We love the Italian made Vibram soles. They provide terrific rebound with every step and are ideal for people needing (or choosing) to stand for most of the day. Hubbard shoes are 1/3 lighter than many other types of everyday walking shoes.

SINCE 1930

In 1930, Samuel J. Katz, my grandfather, began the Hubbard Shoe Company, a small children’s shoe factory in Rochester, New Hampshire.


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Samuel Hubbard

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